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Chemical Name:

Trans-4-[[(E)-2 amino, 3,5- dibromo benzylidin)amino) cyclohexanol

Cas No: NA

Avalable Pack Size: 25mg/50mg/100mg.

Availability: Two weeks

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Ambroxol Impurity A

(2 Amino-3,5, Dibromo phenyl methanol)

Ambroxol Impurity B

Trans4-(6,8 dibromo 1,4 dihydroquinolin-3(2H)-yl) cyclohexanol

Ambroxol Impurity D


Ambroxol Impyrity E

2 Amino,3,5-dibromo benzaldehyde

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Compound listed are  compound synthesized for pharmaceutical research
and  analytical testing
only and are not for human consumption.


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All Impurities,Metabolites & Labelled Isotopes are supplied with COA, Mass & H1NMR data, additional data would be provided at request with Nominal cost.

All Impurities,Metabolites & Labelled Isotopes listed are  compound synthesized for pharmaceutical research 
and  analytical testing only and are not intended for Diagnostic or Therapeutic use.

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