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Available Metabolites are listed below. We also custom synthesize the molecules as per your requirement. Mail us your inquiry to [email protected] or [email protected]

N-Desmethyl Almotriptan, Amiodrone Impurity B N-Desethy Amiodrone HCl N-Didesethyl Amiodrone HCl N-Desethyl Amodiaquine . HCl O – Didesmethyl Alfuzosin Benazeprilate O-Desmethyl Carvedilol 4'-Hydroxy Phenyl Carvedilol Cilazaprilate N-DesmethylClozapine N-DesmethylClomiramine N-Desmethyl Citalopram N-Desmethyl Chlorphenaramine Desacetyl Diltiazem HCl. N-Desmethyl Diltiazem HCl. N-Desmethyl Diphenehydramine Enalaprilate Norfluoxetine HCl. N-Desmethyl Glanthamine Glanthamine N-Oxide N-Desmethyl Impiramine N-Desmethyl Loperamide N-Desmethyl Levomepromazine O-Desmethyl Levomepromazine Desloratidine  Loratidine Impurity A N-Desmethyl   Meanserin 8-Hydroxy Meanserin Olanzerpine N-oxide N-Desmethyl Orphenadrine Pioglitazone   N-Oxide Pioglitazone-Hydroxy M-II N-Desmethyl Prochlorperazine Quetiapine Sulfoxide Ranitidine Sulfoxide Ranitidine N-Oxide Venlafaxine Impurity C N-Didesmethyl Venlafaxine . HCl 1-[1RS-2amino 1-(4-Methoxy phenyl)ethyl] cyclohexanol   Venlafaxine Impurity D N-Desmethyl Venlafaxine . HCl 1-[1RS- 1-(4-Methoxy phenyl)-2-(methyl amino)ethyl] cyclohexanol

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