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About Us

We offer a full range of custom synthesis services to the life science and chemical industries. Our technical capabilities include: complex multi-step organic synthesis, and stereochemically pure compounds. Our years of experience and skilled chemists are capable of performing complex, multi-step synthesis . Our buisness association with other research organisations enable us for our quality of service and fast project delivery in fulfilling your synthetic chemistry needs.

     We have eaction Capabilities  Alkylation Amidation Bromination Chiral Resolution/Synthesis Condensation Cyanoethlyation Dehydrohalogenation Diazotization Enzymatic Synthesis Esterification Ethoxylation Fluorination Hydrogenation Nitration Oxidation Organometallic Synthesis Phosgenation Phosphation Polymerization Quaternization Reductive Amination Sulfonation  

     SERVICES OFFERED: Synthesis of pharmaceutical related substances, Process Development and Validation Isolation, Identification, Characterization and Structure Elucidation  Synthesis of labeled isotopes, Degradation Products, Impurities, Metabolites.

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